YACS fifth grade students learn so much!  They keep quite busy in math beginning with basic computation all the way through algebraic equations, as well as a variety of problem-solving strategies.  

Our students focus on developing their reading comprehension skills at the start of every school day by concentrating on a different comprehension skill in each unit. Throughout the school year, students will complete eleven reading units, with a total of nine novels.

In English, grammar chapters and writing chapters are alternated to provide a strong link between these two areas of language arts.  Grammar is developed and practiced, as well as speaking and listening activities.  Specific instruction is given in the area of writing as students follow the writing process.  They practice to master a variety of writing skills.  Four book reports are written on a variety of reading genres.

Earth science takes fifth graders through a study of scientific procedures and their use.  Science investigation this year encourages knowledge of God and Christian growth, while promoting scientific literacy by using the scientific method.  4-H classes focus on good nutrition and public speaking.  The students do an outstanding job on their presentations.

In history students explore the world through the study of good citizenship through the balanced use of history, geography, government, economics, and cultural skills.  Students strengthen their knowledge of God and grow as a Christian by studying history with a Christian worldview.  Once a year students do an in-depth study of a country, make a presentation,  dress up in native costumes, and taste foods from those countries.

Three field trips a year are taken. We visit Fernbank after our study of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Team building is at Rock Eagle in the spring.  The World of Coke is our final field trip of the year.

In addition to academics, your fifth grader will also participate in:

During Bible class, students examine people from the Old and new Testament.  They discover both the weak and strong character traits and how those traits affected those lives.  They learn how they can apply the lessons to their own lives.

Chapel (Weekly)
Students participate in chapel each Friday.  During this time they have the opportunity to further strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ through praise and worship time and through Bible lessons presented in a fun, uplifting manner. 

Physical Education (Weekly)
Students participate weekly in a physical education program that focuses on gaining an appreciation for and understanding the importance of physical fitness and life long wellness. Units include:

  • Developing Fitness Awareness
  • Team Sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc…)
  • Building cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance.
  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Creative Movement Skills (gymnastics, dance).


Elective Options:

Art, Chorus, and Computer Skills such as Powerpoint and typing

Band: Optional