Pre-Kindergarten is a place to learn about school.  We learn to share and stand in line. We learn to play with our friends. Each week we focus on a different letter of the alphabet. We learn the sound of the letter and how to write it. In math we focus on one number a week both writing and counting. We also learn about shapes and colors. We learn through playing, doing, making, and singing. We love to make things in K4 and the learning of each letter is reinforced by art activities for each letter. Throughout the year we make a alphabet book that becomes a special keepsake at the end of the year.  We have a daily Bible story and weekly Bible verse. We also participate in chapel once a week.  Some of our weekly themes include: pumpkins, caterpillars, the five senses, animals and community helpers.  We have a snack and recess daily.

Some of our special activities include a Christimas Program with a party for family and friends and also a Storybook Character Ball.  We also go to at least 2 field trips to fun places like the pumpkin patch and Noah's Ark. We also participate in Water Day and Field Day at the end of the year.  One of our favorite things is our weekly library time, where we get to check out books and hear a story.


Kindergarten is a parade of learning as we participate in each new concept that is presented to us! Math involves numerous hands-on activities that teach us numerals, shapes, solid shape recognition, patterns, addition and subtraction, time, measuring, weight and capacity, and money skills. Science and Social Studies skills involve many themes and topics such as: our feelings, healthy bodies, the five senses, community helpers, spiders, the ocean, pets, seasons, harvest, Pilgrims and Native Americans. Language Arts keeps us challenged learning letters and sounds, blends, and finally learning to read! Learning sight words makes us well-rounded readers!

Every season we look forward to special activities such as Christmas concerts, field trips to "The Children's Museum," and a farm, Other's Day, our February "Character Ball," the Patriots on Parade Program, Water Day, Field Day, and our end of the year party.

Of course, our favorite part of the week, besides going to Art, PE, Bible, and Library, is worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ with fellow schoolmates. We cherish the variety of venues we experience in order to learn more about the life of Jesus and how to walk in His ways. Kindergarten is full of "firsts" and fabulous memories!

In addition to academics, your Kindergarten child will also participate in:

Bible - K5 Bible class is every day! We are excited to start a new curriculum called "Walking with God" from Christian Schools International. The children will be required to recite a verse once each week.

Chapel - Chapel takes place once a week. During Chapel time we sing, hear Bible stories, and enjoy worshipping our God together as a school. This is a great time for students - They love Chapel!

Library -  Once a week our class will go to the library. Mrs. Wiese, our school librarian, will be reading books to the students, introducing them to "author friends," and helping them to check out books.

Art - Our Kindergarten students have art where they will learn about elements of art design. We will also create art projects to support our letters of the week and themes. 

Physical Education - Students participate in a physical education program that focuses on understanding the importance of gaining an appreciation for physical fitness and lifelong wellness.

Snack & Recess - We will have snack and recess time every day in the mid-morning. We encourage healthy snacks during this time. The students will have the opportunity to use the playground as well, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, our recess time will take place in the gym. Please consider the weather as you choose clothing and shoes for school.   


Students learn basic skills such as how to use instruments and fun songs.