In third grade, students continue to develop comprehension and critical thinking skills through reading novels and completing visual tools in their specs logs. Reading comprehension skills taught include; understanding fiction and nonfiction reading selections, identifying main events, sequencing events, recalling details, making predictions and understanding cause and effect relationships.  Third grade math curriculum focuses on review of addition and subtraction, time, weights and measures, fractions and geometry.  A major area of concentration in third grade is multiplication.  All facts, 1 through 12, are learned and single digit multiplication is taught. In Language Arts, third graders continue to learn and practice the steps of the writing process as well as proper grammar usage, spelling and the mechanics of writing.  History visits the Constitutional Convention, the Civil War and westward expansion.  Science investigates plants, soil, habitats, natural resources, forces and electricity, and our eyes and skin. Three field trips are taken during the year to the Atlanta Symphony, the Fox Theater, and the Southern Museum of Locomotive and Civil War History in Kennesaw. One of the most important aspects of being a  third grader  is becoming responsible for their own work and the choices they make.

In addition to academics, your third grader will also participate in:

Bible (Twice Weekly)
Bible classes are held twice weekly.  During this time, students are taught to be a servant in the home, school, in church and in their neighborhood by following the example of Jesus.

 Chapel (Weekly)
Students participate in chapel each Friday.  During this time they have the opportunity to further strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ through praise and worship time, Bible lessons presented in a fun, uplifting manner.

Physical Education (Weekly)
Students participate weekly in a physical education program that focuses on gaining an understanding of the importance of and an appreciation for physical fitness and life long wellness. Units include:

  • Developing Fitness Awareness
  • Object Control Skills (catching, throwing, kicking, punting)
  • Specific Motor Abilities (balance, quickness, power, coordination)
  • Combination Body and Object Control Skills through sport.

Art (Weekly)
Students participate weekly in an art program that focuses on the basic principles (line, shape, form, color, value, texture, pattern) and elements (rhythm, balance, unity, variety, emphasis, proportion) of art.  They expand on their knowledge of different artistic styles, gain an appreciation for the work of many famous artists and enjoy the freedom and creativity in their own artwork.

Computer (Weekly)
Students participate weekly in a computer program that focuses on increased computer skills while incorporating and reinforcing their spelling, math and language skills.  A few of the programs used will be Kid Pix and Jump Start. They will also learn Internet safety and use the Internet to research various topics throughout the year.

 Music (Weekly)
Students participate weekly in a music program that exposes them to many different styles of music, reinforces prior knowledge of reading music and gives them an opportunity to express themselves through music.  They also will participate in a fall performance with the first and second grade classes.

Library (weekly)
Students participate weekly in an instructional library program that introduces and reinforces library etiquette, strategies for finding information and a love of reading. Third grade students begin to branch out, checking out magazines and books while strengthening their ability to independently find information using the OPAC. Additionally, students are introduced to the PINES network as another source of information.