Young Americans Christian School is a nonprofit, independent, private Christian school, which does not receive any church, federal, state, or local government assistance. Prompt payment of tuition and activity fees is vital to the operation of Young Americans Christian School. A parent/guardian’s account is a binding financial obligation. Enrollment at Young Americans Christian School is a privilege; therefore, delinquent accounts may constitute a student being asked to withdraw from Young Americans Christian School until the account is paid in full. The school reserves the right to suspend educational services, the administering of tests or exams, the issuing of grades or report cards, or release of any student's records for delinquent accounts.

Young Americans Christian School utilizes FACTS, a leading tuition management service, for tuition payments. FACTS allows multiple payment options including automatic prescheduled bank payment from a checking or savings account, or by credit card.

A cost sheet for fees and tuition is provided each year. Tuition is drafted by FACTS on the designated date and a $30.00 fee is added for late payments. Any account that becomes 30 days delinquent will result in that student being automatically withdrawn. The total balance of the account will be due at that time.

A student that is financially withdrawn may be allowed to return to school only if there is a space available, and the account is paid in full.

Accounts must be paid in full before a student can graduate or be considered for re-enrollment for the next school year.

Young Americans Christian School does not accept cash payments for tuition. Payment for athletic/participation fees will be invoiced at the time of student participation.

There is an adjustment fee in the amount of one month’s tuition for withdrawal, which is agreed upon at the time of enrollment and must be paid before any records can be released or transferred. Should you have questions concerning your account or need to request special arrangements, you may contact the Business Office.

Students participating in athletic programs or extracurricular programs may forfeit their privilege to participate if their financial account becomes delinquent.


Tuition Assistance

The primary responsibility for financing the student’s education is with the student’s family. Young Americans Christian School does not award athletic or academic scholarships. Funds for temporary tuition assistance are limited and vary from year to year; therefore tuition assistance must be carefully distributed and must serve as a temporary source of funding only. Tuition assistance will be distributed to applicants based on available funding, demonstrated temporary financial need, number of children attending YACS, and the following guidelines:

Tuition assistance is allocated in the form of a tuition discount and the discount is for tuition only. All other fees must be paid in full by the financially responsible party.

A family’s financial account must be current in order to be considered for tuition assistance.

Since tuition assistance serves as a temporary source of funding, students must have attended the school for a minimum of three years to be considered for tuition assistance and priority will be given to middle and high school students that have demonstrated the desire to attend YACS.

Students granted tuition assistance are expected to maintain acceptable grades, exhibit appropriate behavior and conduct, and maintain regular school attendance. Students that are placed on academic or behavioral probation may forfeit their tuition assistance. Parents that fail to adhere to school policies or procedures may forfeit their tuition assistance. Families granted tuition assistance who fail to make tuition payments in a timely manner will lose tuition assistance. Tuition assistance cannot exceed a two year school cycle. 

Contact the school for additional information.