In May 2008, the State of Georgia passed new legislation (HB 1133) which allows tax payers to have some control over how their tax dollars are used. This legislation allows taxpayers to "Donate" part of their Georgia Income Tax for use at Private Schools to provide Scholarships for children in Pre-K through 12th grade. The "Donor" receives a dollar for dollar credit off of their Georgia Income Tax for their "Donation". The law allows up to $100 million per year in tax credits for Donations to Private Schools. With the growth and popularity of the program, the credits will be used quickly and donors are encouraged to submit their donations and approval forms as early as possible.

If you would like to be a Donor please go to the GaSSO website (

GASSO will have the “Pre-Approval” form approved by GADOR and send all of the appropriate documentation back to the Donor to file with their tax returns.

Georgia State Tax Credit for Private Schools -- House Bill 1133

With the enactment of House Bill 1133 (HB1133), Georgia joins other states in giving parents an educational choice for their children. Young Americans Christian School has partnered with Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GASSO) to enable our community to take advantage of this program.

HB1133 allows Georgia taxpayers to receive a tax credit for donating to a Student Scholarship Organization on behalf of Young Americans Christian School. These contributions must be mailed to GASSO to receive this unparalleled tax benefit. Imagine being able to get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit (not just a deduction) on your Georgia Tax Return for your contribution while at the same time helping Young Americans Christian School students. The credit applies to individuals and all corporations with Georgia State tax liability. Contributions also qualify for federal income tax deduction.

The Georgia QEE Tax Credit Program allows individuals, married couples and businesses to claim dollar-for-dollar tax credits on their Georgia income tax for scholarship donations made through a qualified SSO, up to the following limits:

  1. For individuals who are single, up to $1,000;
  2. For individuals who are married, up to $1,250;
  3. For married couples filing jointly, up to $2,500;
  4. For C Corporations, up to 75 percent of their Georgia income tax liability;
  5.  For members of limited liability corporations (LLCs), shareholders in Subchapter 'S' corporations, and partners in partnerships, up to $10,000.


Please remember to write "Young Americans Christian School" on the memo line of your check. More information can be found by looking at the actual Bill at HB1133 and the FAQs about HB1133. To see the steps you need to take advantage of this program, go to Steps for HB1133..