Young Americans Christian School continues to grow in athletics, and our charge is to develop new opportunities for all students where and when we feel we can sustain a quality program. We have continued growth over the last year and into this new year with existing programs and new additions.

Basketball also continues our competitive traditions with solid play from all team. The teams all have new coaches, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead during the 2015 season.

The School remains committed to the continual enhancement of our Athletic program in developing Christ-centered student athletes

Young Americans Christian School is a great place for student/athletes to get an excellent college preparatory education in a Christian environment and to be involved in a growing & very competitive athletic program.


2017-2018 Varsity Men's Basketball        Head Coach: Channing Wagstaff         Edited: 5/10/2017



Region       Time           Location              
                       X                Opponent                                          
11/10 Friday     Bethlehem Christian   7:30     Bethlehem        
11/14 Thursday     New Creation Christian     6:00     McDonough         
11/20 WEEK X   BREAK   7:30     X        
11/30 Thursday     Peachtree Academy
  7:30     YACS
12/2 Friday         6:00              
12/5 Tuesday     Peachtree Academy
  7:30     Covington        
12/7 Thursday     Mt Bethel Christian
  5:00     YACS        
12/12 Tuesday X   Creekside Christian
  7:00     McDonough
12/18-1/2 X X   BREAK  


1/4 Thursday     Central Fellowship
  7:30     YACS        
1/5 Friday X   Praise Academy   7:30     YACS        
1/9 Tuesday X   Community Christian
  7:30     Stockbridge
1/12 Friday X   Cornerstone Prep   7:30     Acworth        
1/16 Tuesday X   Mt Bethel Christian
  7:30     Marietta
1/19 Friday X   Creekside Christian   7:30     YACS        
1/23 Tuesday X   Praise Academy
  7:30     Powder Springs
1/25 Thursday     Central Fellowship   7:30     Macon        
1/26 Friday X   Community Christian   7:30     YACS        
1/30 Tuesday X   Cornerstone Prep
  7:30     YACS
2/2 Thursday X       5:00              
2/5-9 Tues - Fri REG   TBD   TBD     TBD        
2/15 Thursday 1 RD   TBD                  
2/17 Saturday QTR   TBD   TBD     TBD        
2/24 Saturday STATE   TBD   TBD     TBD        






























Middle School Boys Basketball           Head Coach:  Dale Hutchins        Edited: 8/2/2017


Date   Region Opponent     Time     Location      
Day X                
11/13 Monday   New Creation     5:00     YACS        
11/28 Tuesday   Community     5:30     Stockbridge        
11/30 Thursday   Peachtree Acad
    5:00     YACS
12/5 Tuesday   Peachtree Acad
    5:00     Covington
12/11 Monday   New Creatiom
    5:00     McDonough
12/12 Tuesday   Creekside     5:00     McDonough        
12/14 Thursday   Community      5:30     YACS         
12/15 Thursday         5:00              
12/18 WEEK X BREAK     X     X        
1/4 Thursday X Berean Christian
    5:00     YACS
1/5 Friday X Notre Dame
    5:00     Duluth
1/9 Tuesday X Bethlehem
    5:00     YACS
1/11 Thursday X Lanier Christian      5:00     YACS        
1/16 Tuesday X Berean Christian     5:00     St Mountain        
1/19 Friday   Creekside     5:00     YACS        
1/23 Tuesday X Notre Dame     5:00     YACS        
1/25 Thursday X Bethlehem     5:00     Bethlehem        
2/3 Saturday Sectional Semi       TBD     TBD        
2/10 Saturday Final 4       TBD     TBD        
2/10 Saturday CHAMPIONSHIP
      TBD     TBD        

























For more information contact:

Athletic Director: Steve Vineyard
School 770-760-7902