Scrip is our school’s one-stop shopping center for your everyday purchases,

allowing each parent to make every purchase profitable for our school!

It is That Simple!


Scrip is a Latin term that means anything used instead of money. UnitedScrip purchases gift cards from grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, and other retailers. These retailers provide the gift cards at a discount because UnitedScrip pays for these cards up front and they order large quantities. UnitedScrip passes on a portion of their savings to us when we buy from them; then our families buy these cards for face value to use for their everyday purchases. The profits made from these discounts directly benefit the school through new computers, equipment and even fun events such as Water Day.

Keep ordering Scrip. It's a good habit!!


Each week we will email out a unique link to our NEW online order form. Orders are due by 8 AM Monday mornings. Your orders are then delivered the same week to your student or through pick up in the office. If you would like this week’s unique link sent to you, please call our school office at 770-760-7902.