We have exciting news to share regarding the new cafeteria program!  We are pleased to announce we have changed service companies and are providing a much improved lunch experience.  We have made this change in an effort to provide better quality food and more options with larger portions.  The new cafeteria company is The Café.  They specialize in making homemade fresh meals that are delicious as well as nutritious and will be offering many additional options for our students.   

The Café will have a salad, pizza, and sandwich bar that will be open daily in addition to the hot meal option.  The salad bar will feature over 20 items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, toppings, and dressings.  The pizza bar will offer 3 different types of pizza - Vegetarian, Pepperoni, or Cheese.  The sandwich bar will have assortments of freshly pre-made sandwiches.  Students will be able to get an assortment every day from any of the choices they see.  For example, if a student wants some of the homemade lasagna and green beans, they can also select a turkey sandwich and salad bar.  Everything is included in the price of a meal.  Drinks will be provided at no additional cost.  Drink options will be milk, water, Powerade, vitamin water, and more.  Soft-serve ice cream will be provided for free on Fridays with the purchase of a meal. 

We hope you will see the improvements we are making in every aspect of the school and join us in trying out the new cafeteria. There are several easy payment options for The Café including discounted options for the full year or the month if paid in advance or daily rates of $5 for middle and high school students and $3.50 for elementary students. 

You may choose to make a credit card payment, send cash daily with your student for meals, send a check with your child to school, or mail a check payable to The Café to the school.  Please note all checks should be made out to The Café.  Checks will be applied to your child's lunch account.  If you wish to take advantage of the discounted, pay in full option, the cost for entire year for middle and high students is $795 and $555 for elementary students.  We are offering a 10 Month Discounted plan at $85 per month for Middle and High School students and $58 per month for Elementary students.