Dear YACS Families,
The Café will be providing lunch services again this year for YACS for the same price as last year. Single meals are $5 for middle and high school students and $3.50 for elementary students. A hot food and a cold food option will be available each day. Students can choose between a hot meal, sandwich, wrap meal, or a specialty salad. All meals include choice of drink.
We are pleased to announce we have merged the Café with RenWeb and payments can now be made via RenWeb. All of last year's remaining balances will roll over to this new year. You can add money to your student's account and view your account balance online. Simply go to RenWeb and click FACTS and then Lunch. (You must sign up for an Incidental FACTS payment plan to put money into a lunch account.) Additional ways to pay for lunches include Monthly Meal Plan or Daily payment with cash. If you desire to pay for more than one day, then you will be able to track your account with RenWeb. Please do not send checks or cash to the school office to apply to accounts. All accounting will be done via RenWeb and will need to be paid online with the RenWeb system.
If you would like to be charged a reoccurring amount by credit card, then we offer a Monthly Meal Plan that includes all lunches each month for $58 for elementary students and $85 for middle and high school. You can fill out the attached form and we will charge your credit card monthly. The Monthly Meal Plan will not be tracked on RenWeb. We will also accept Daily Meal payments by cash. We will not be able to add money to your account with this system so you will need to send cash daily if you desire to pay in this manner. This new system will help you know the balance on your student's account and will notify you by email when the balance is low. All payments will be made on RenWeb unless you want automatic Monthly Meal Plan or daily cash payments.
If you wish to take advantage of the discounted, Pay-in-Full option, the cost for the entire year for middle and high school students is $795 and $555 for elementary students. We are excited about these changes and believe they will offer a better lunch experience for our students as well as staff. Please find the August Lunch Menu attached along with the Monthly Meal Plan sign up form.