A parent's perspective:

"We have lived here for 10 years and have only heard great things about the school. Only until this school year were we able to get our son in for his high school years. Yeah, we knew it was the Christian surroundings we wanted him in and yes it was the education we wanted for him, but not until today did I realize that YACS is so much more than that! I stopped in today for chapel because I needed to give my son lunch money. What a blessing it was for me to stand in the back to listen and watch these children. Wow, I had no idea what I was in for. As I got into my car to drive away, tears of joy ran down my face praising God for YACS. The chapel service today really touched my heart. As a parent it brought even more comfort knowing my son is in the right place!"

YACS involves students in chapel services for every grade level each week. The chapels are the foundation and signature of YACS. The praise and worship time are student led, and many of the speakers and testimonies are by students. In addition, the school has an elective class, Chapel Leadership, that promotes public speaking skills, leadership skills, and a way for students to minister to teens. It is a privilege to witness students lifting the name of our Lord among and with their peers. Parents are always welcome to attend Chapel services.

High School Chapel is every Wednesday and Elementary Chapel is every Friday.